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I'm Jennifer Crowfoot the Aussie Indie author of Death and the Call Girl, Matilda,The Devil Of Oz, Sins of Oz , Tainted Magic and Lust, Lies and Promises all published through Smashwords. I'm a life-long raging book lover, a proud mother and wife, and owner to a cranky maltese terrier, Beau.

The Lake House:Part Three.

The Lake House:Part Three.

The Lake House.

Part Three.

Parking, I turned the key off and leaving the headlights blazing I stared up at the hulking glass and wood two-storey structure spotlighted before me. The car pinged and clinked as it cooled and I froze, my city ears unaccustomed to the sounds of…nothing. There were none of the sounds of incessant traffic, horns or screeching tyres that I’d lived with for so long. No…

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Pleasure and Pain revised.

Pleasure and Pain revised.

Just a short post to let you all know that I have revised and re-published Pleasure and Pain complete with added bonus content.

It is available for free download from Smashwords at this link below:


I hope you all enjoy this version.

Jennifer. :-)

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Extras from Pleasure and Pain: Brandon and Christina-Rose’s first Christmas Eve.

Extras from Pleasure and Pain: Brandon and Christina-Rose’s first Christmas Eve.

This is a short bonus story I wrote as I felt there was something still to be said.

Brandon and Christina-Rose’s First Christmas Eve.

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The Lake House: Part Two.The Lake House.
Part two.
The day had taken a chilly turn by the time that I’d walked out of the…View Post
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Extended teaser from Pleasure and Pain. Chapter 15: Sweet Loving. Christina-Rose.Brandon’s grip was strong on my ribs, the tops of his thumbs brushing the swell of my breasts as…View Post
Complete chapter 12 of Pleasure and Pain. Brandon’s POV.Chapter Twelve. Brandon ♂
By the time that Mychael staggered in the door around 1:00 pm that…View Post


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Welcome everyone to my second Author-Interview. This is a VERY special one for me as I interviewed my mother-in-law and book partner in crime JENNIFER CROWFOOT.She is totally amazing and brilliant. Just…

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The Lake House.

The Lake House

Part one.

As my car curled around the last bend in the forest’s winding dirt track, the overhanging trees parted and the view before me spread out like a banquet for the eyes. I swallowed and my belly clenched as if a playful fist had…

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Brandon and Christina-Rose.

“Sorry, what was that?” I blurted, embarrassed to have been caught out staring. Again.

He grinned at me and I could’ve sworn he knew what I’d been thinking.

“What do you think of your sister’s observation? D’ya reckon I’m insanely good-looking too?” he…

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