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I'm Jennifer Crowfoot the Aussie Indie author of Death and the Call Girl, Matilda,The Devil Of Oz, Sins of Oz , Tainted Magic and Lust, Lies and Promises all published through Smashwords. I'm a life-long raging book lover, a proud mother and wife, and owner to a cranky maltese terrier, Beau.

Crossroads teaser time.

Image © Bartosz Wardziak (bartekwardziak) Photo used under licence from Stockfresh.

Crossroads teaser time.

Image © Bartosz Wardziak (bartekwardziak) Photo used under licence from Stockfresh.

Strange Liaisons: The story of Lucretia and Pieter.

Strange Liaisons: The story of Lucretia and Pieter.

Strange Liaisons: The story of Lucretia and Pieter.

“Shit. Shit. Shit,” I swore, my nose crinkling in disgust, my hand white-knuckled around the cool plastic handle of the plain black umbrella. The umbrella that I’d forked out some ridiculous amount of cash for from the shonky old man’s small roadside stall. The stall — mind you — that’d just magically popped up as soon as the rain had started.

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Fifty Shades of Grey…from the page to the screen :-)

Fifty Shades of Grey…from the page to the screen :-)



50 shades of grey

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Self-explanatory really!

How could I possibly not make my characters Aussie when these are a few examples of some fine-looking Aussie blokes?

*brow raised*












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New Teaser for Crossroads.

New Teaser for Crossroads.



***These teasers are generally a first draft. I tend to re-read and change them a little. I just wanted you to know that what you read here, will be maybe not quite the finished product. But, I suppose you get the general idea. Hope you’re all enjoying the teasers so far. Cheers, Jen. ***


Jesus H Christ, he was so monumentally wasted.

“Fuck it,” he mumbled raising his hand and skolling…

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Heavenly Fields: Part One.

Heavenly Fields: Part One.

Heavenly Fields.


With my ipod’s ear-buds jammed into my ears and lost in my own thoughts, I hadn’t realised we’d come to our destination until the seatbelt snap-locked against my chest and my head jerked forward. I simultaneously released an unladylike grunt, rapidly followed by a string of imaginative curses under my breath.

All of which related to my brother, Matty’s ratbag driving, and the…

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I mewled and my breath sped up as the sweet pain of his sharp teeth in my flesh raced through my body, raising the hairs and making my hips instinctively rock forward. Grinding on him like he was my own personal pole.
“Oh yeah baby, do it.” Panting, he pushed his pelvis into me, his hips twisting from side to side. I swear my panties combusted it was so hot. He was every naughty dream I’d ever had…

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Sample from PLEASURE AND PAIN: Brandon’s fight.

Sample from PLEASURE AND PAIN: Brandon’s fight.



My chest was heaving as I circled him, watching carefully, waiting for him to slip up. The cocky smartarse ones always did, and when that happened I’d be fuckin’ right onto him.
“I thought ya had some go in ya. Ya do know that I’m gonna smash those poofy-pretty-boy looks so I hope ya sexy little bit of arse…’ he looked right at Rosebud and laughed, low and menacing, “…likes her fucks ugly,…

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Crossroads teaser time.

Chris lit up a cigarette and smoked contentedly as we walked hand in hand to our car. As I twisted at the waist to give a wave, the outdoor floodlights flashed on and Chris froze at my side. His fingers released mine and I felt his body turn to stone beside me.

“Jesus. What. The. Fuck?” Chris spat under his breath, as he copped a look at the other love of his life, his gleaming midnight black SS…

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Chapter Three Teaser: CROSSROADS.

Chapter Three Teaser: CROSSROADS.

As if he could read my heated thoughts, Chris made his way over to me and leaned in, his cool fingers deliberately caressing the delicate skin on the column of my neck and nape as he swept my hair back over my shoulder. He placed his mouth over my ear and I shivered as my over-sensitised skin erupted in a minefield of gooseflesh.

“When we get to our hotel I’m gonna go down on you and make you…

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